We live in Clemson, SC, and tailgate here. The Mavenhal Bar Bag is just perfect for keeping all of our supplies for the bar at the tailgate during football season. This is going to make a great Christmas present for my husband.

— Pat, South Carolina

The Bar Bag that Mavenhal produces is second to none and was designed very well to organize all of your bar tools. It is also great for bartender guest shifts or cocktail competitions when traveling.

— Omer, Israel

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for bringing the bar bag down to Orange County with you. I really appreciate it. The bag is beyond sick! I’m having a lot of fun loading it and figuring out some of the future purchases to utilize all the slots. Truly an awesome creation. Thanks again.

— Tim, California

What I love about the bar bag is not only does it fit every one of my bar tools, it holds up to eight bottles of liquor with awesome fully adjustable inserts… Or you can put some of your spirits in smaller bottles and carry even more. Over Christmas I traveled to Montana and brought my bar with me. Not only is this bag extremely functional, it’s super sexy too. It’s made from a slick looking water-resistant waxed canvas and very durable leather straps. The zippers are very beefy and if they ever fail I’ll be shocked. If you’re a bartender, brand ambassador, or just want to take your home bar on the go, you absolutely have to have this bag.

— Ryan, Washington

Attention Traveling Bartenders and Brand Ambassadors!!!! I stumbled across the Mavenhal Bartender Bags (formally the Barkeeper B-Bag) by accident on Instagram and it was love at first sight. It is perfect for all professional and home enthusiast bartenders that travel for events like catering, demonstrations, and even picnics. I was ecstatic to find out that it was made in the USA and the inside compartments are easily customizable per event. There is ample space for all of my bar tools to be stowed safe and sound without worry of them being damaged. I have been looking for something of this for a long time and I finally found it!

— Bob, North Carolina

I found you on the internet by typing in, “bartender bag”. I was hesitating between the Meehan bag and Mavenhal. I like the concept “Made in USA”, not “Made in China”.

— Damien, France

I was actually gifted the bar bag, by Mavenhal, for a promotion a little bit ago, and am now gifting it to a friend for their birthday/job promotion. I love my bar bag and hope they do as well.

— Coleene, Washington DC

Thank you again for being so accommodating and executing so quickly. The Mavenhal Bar Bags were a great addition to our launch and highly coveted by all.

— Angostura

My husband and I are both bartenders. I saw your Bar Bag come across some social media sites and bought it for my husband for his birthday. I know he’s going to love it!

— Cari, North Carolina

My husband asked for a bag that he could carry his bartending tools to our friend’s houses when we go for dinner parties. Cocktail Kingdom notified us that they have one. He said he saw some on Amazon as well. I didn’t love Cocktail Kingdom’s bag and it was almost $800.00, because I would have to buy two pieces for him to be able to use it the way he wanted. I googled bartender bag and scrolled down till “Bartender Bag Best Bar Kit by Mavenhal”. That got my attention. I looked and I thought it would fit his needs to a tee. I’m so excited and hope you all do very well getting your product out. I read all about your company because this bag seems amazing.

— Elisa, Florida

I found out about you from bartender – Bob Peters. I interact with him on Instagram. He posted his Bar Bag a couple of months ago and I have been wanting one ever since.

— Neal, Georgia

I follow Bob Peters the mixologist on instagram and fell in love with the Bar Bag, so I researched it and bought it. I too am a craft bartender who’s getting more consistent on-the-go work and really wanted the Bar Bag, so yeah, I just had to buy it. Much thanks for creating such an awesome bag. Cheers!

— Clara, New York

I found the Bar Bag when I was looking for a bag for my bar tools. The only one I could find on the internet was the splendid, but the ridiculously expensive Meehan bag. Other options where some bar roll ups or cheap and poor quality bags. The Mavenhal Bar Bag had all the things I was looking for.

— Wicher, Netherlands

The Bar Bag is a gift for my business partner who also happens to be the bar director of our speakeasy HYDE. He recently got a free bar bag from one of our suppliers and it’s hideous. So, I thought I would buy him a nice one since I’m traveling to the States. The Mavenhal Bar Bag you guys designed looks beautiful online, and was just as amazing in person!

— Caroline, Malaysia

Our nephew is graduating from college and doesn’t have a job lined up. However, he took a bartending classes a few years ago and has worked some private parties. As he likely will continue with such work, we wanted to outfit him like a pro with the fully-stocked bar bag by Mavenhal.

— Gregory, Washington

I was at a Clemson game and the lady there had bought a bag for her husband last year and I loved it, so I asked her where she got it and got one too.

— Nicole, South Carolina

I am an active member of the USBG and was recently looking for a replacement bar bag. Through a few searches and some good endorsements the Mavenhal bartender bag came up a few times.

— Zach, Arizona

The mastermind – Craig Krueger tended an all-indie bar at our Small Batch Wedding last year. We’re not surprised to see he’s come up with such a cool, functional product- his love of the industry & dedication to his craft was super evident to us.

— Tom, New York

First of all thank you for the extremely quick shipment of the bar bag. I was really excited to receive it so fast and am really happy with it. I showed pictures to some of my bartender friends and they were quite curious about it! I found about the bag on the Internet. I was reading different trade magazines and blog and was impressed. I think the article that started to get me looking into more information and feedback was the one published in Drink Me Magazine. I was even more impressed when I received the bag: the detachable/ customizable separation system is really quite clever!

— Stephanie, Switzerland

Recently, I spotted and started following Mavenhal on Instagram. Now that I have become serious about my mixology journey, and after acquiring some fairly high quality tools (a task which will never be finished), I saw no better way to organize and carry my equipment than with the Mavenhal bar bag.

— Emanuel, Florida

I found Mavenhal while deeply searching the internet for an affordable bar bag to use for work, competitions & off-site gigs. I like the Meehan bag, but, far too expensive and heavy on its own. I found a person who would custom make me one out of Chicago, but it was going to be $1500…too much. This is when I got the Bar Bag.

— Kevin, Minnesota

This could very well be the ultimate traveling bartender’s bag. If you are a traveling bartender or spirits brand ambassador, or just somebody who likes to always be prepared to make the ultimate whiskey cocktail, having the right organizational system for your drink making tools is likely a unique creation you’ve cobbled together out of some second hand bag and God knows what on the interior to keep your gear sorted. If you seek a better approach to keeping your sanity around this, there looks to be help for you from Mavenhal.

— Nino, Oregon

Stoked to see such a great product. I am the Brand Ambassador and mixologist for Parce Rum. Please check us out. We just cleaned up with 6 gold medals at the San Francisco Spirits event where we were voted best in show among others. Thanks for creating such a great product, I can’t wait to get it, I have some private parties that the bag will make super easy.

— Mark, Colorado

I already have one of your bartender bags – Mhairi from BroVo Spirits gifted my team with them for Christmas. I’ve since left that company to take a position as the Director of Spirits for Winebow. I’ve got a new spirits specialist (Chiyo Takemoto) and she knew of your bar bags from Instagram – some bar gal…. And asked if I’d get her one. Love the bag, mine comes in handy all the time.

— Monique, Illinois

I was researching professional bartender bags a few months back because my husband is a full time bartender who loves making craft cocktails. He is currently working in Costa Mesa at Casa & Maison and will soon be working at Holiday, a whisky bar that opens in April. He also has his own bitters company called, Olive Heights Trading Co. As a small business owner himself, we always like supporting other small businesses. He has been using our computer bag to carry all his equipment in, so as you can imagine he’s in need of a practical and professional bag. When I found your company’s bag I thought it was perfect and just what I was looking for to buy him. I’m glad that bartenders created it and that it’s made in America. Thank you for making an attractive, practical and quality bag for professional bartenders such as my husband. I think he’s going to love it! Best of luck with your company’s endeavors, I wish you guys much success.

— Jennie, California

I received my bag and I love it! The number one feature I like and will use is the bottle slots. I work for Templeton Rye and always have whiskey and vermouth and other bottles that I tote around and love the modifiable aspect. I saw the bag when I was working in LA with Dan, he is our partner at Infinium Spirits. He said he was part of your Kickstarter program. I came home, splurged and placed an order immediately.

— Michael, Illinois

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Shoving all my gear in a backpack just wasn’t working for me any more.

— Jesse, Pennsylvania

Keep making quality goods! There’s room at the top and plenty of people are happy to pay extra for something made to higher standards in the USA.

— Jonathan, Florida

I’m so excited about this bag. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift. Having missed the opportunity to contribute to the original funding effort, I was delighted to see that you guys are up and running and ready to ship!

— Dani, Georgia

I recently purchased the Bar Bag and used it for the first time yesterday. I was skeptical at first, not sure it would meet my needs. All my tools fit and everything was easy to access. I would recommend to others this bag purchase.

— Diedre, Michigan